venerdì, gennaio 12, 2007

I love ZNE...

Last month I spent some time udpating the ZNE Art Full of Heart pages, and the ZNE Members Do Good page. I was only able to document about a quarter of all the incredibly good hearted and generous things that our members are doing out there in this big world. It was an overwhelmingly heartwarming experience, receiving the feedback from fellow members and searching for member good deeds.

I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting another fellow ZNEer, Patti Victoria Crump. (Meeting members is one of my absolute favorite things to do. If you are a ZNEer and are going to be in Northern CA, let me know!) Patti is such a doll, and it was really fun to hang out with her.

Click here to see a picture of us. (For some reason this antiquated version of Blogger won't let me post a second picture.) Patti is the beauty on the left! I love this picture. I think we actually look related, like we could be sisters!

On a more difficult note, another ZNE member who I adore, Ms. Vickie "Mack" Mackinsie of B-Muse suffered a cerebral aneurism on New Year's Day. I am happy to report that she is alive and recovering in the hospital. Still, this was a completely unexpected and terrifying turn of events and I know it shook up the entire altered art community. Yet, once again, the creative calvary galvonized, and offerings of art, care packages, and more have begun pouring in.

Whether it is Bernie Berlin's extraordinary efforts on behalf of four footed friends in need of a home through A Place to Bark, artists everywhere making a difference in the lives of those impacted by Breast Cancer through Live Pink, or just one person out there, donating three dollars so that we could add a book of crossword puzzles to Vickie Mack's boyfriend's care package, so that he would have something to do while sitting bedside vigilance beside our beloved artist friend Vickie - every prayer offered, every effort, and every good wish inspires and touches me.

I am bursting with ZNE pride this month, and it was with this sense of community, artistic family, and connection - that I went out and did the unthinkable. Cuz' the unthinkable has been, by and large, the content of all my dreams coming true during the past few years:

(Yup! It's real! Actually, I already had the cherries on the top. I got the cherry tattoo along with fellow ZNEer tattooed artists, Kristin Hubick and JoAnnA Pierotti! I added the flaming heart, ZNE, and sparrows - this past Tuesday. Woo Hoo!)

Have a wonderful January, everyone!

xo - Chel


Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

WOO HOO Girly! YOU should have put a crown on there too! YOU are our ZNE QUEEN! Chel! COOL! I LOVE it and I LOVE YOU!!! xo, Cinda

11:39 AM  
Blogger Izabella said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:53 PM  
Blogger Asil said...

You Go Girl!!! ;)

2:36 PM  

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