sabato, settembre 30, 2006

Doggie Dreams

Bernie Berlin is collecting art for an upcoming auction which will benefit A Place to Bark.

ZNE is donating a membership to the auction, and I sent Bernie this silly piece of art, today:

If you want to donate too, you can!

Here are the details:

Please send your art to: Bernie Berlinc/o "A Place To Bark"375 N. Jones RoadPortland, Tennessee 37148(414) 732-3211

Art due date: October 25th

Enclose your name, address & e-mail & value of artwork. She will then send you a receipt for your donation that you can use for a tax deduction. All paperwork for prior & current donations will be done by the end of the year.

giovedì, settembre 07, 2006

The Days of Our Lives...

Oh, I can' t believe it, but another month has gone by!

I really can't believe how busy busy busy things get.

Adin is three months old now! I really need to upload another picture of his cute face! He is such a dream to spend the day with.

The ZNE Zine is ALMOST NEARLY JUST ABOUT out the door. Issue 2 that is. This issue is twice as long as the first one. 80+ pages! WOW!

Speaking of my wonderful nephew ! This month's ZNE Theme was: A Child's Mind. Isn't that an awesome theme? The art I uploaded above was my entry. And RJ got in on the fun this time around too! Here is his piece:

Isn't it fun! :D

Welp, I hope that you all are having a wonderful end to your summer, and that those of you with kids are enjoying the semi break that "back to school" offers.

xxoo - Chel