lunedì, giugno 12, 2006


Can you believe it has taken me A MONTH to update this blog!?? Honestly. I don't know where the time flies. Well, luckily for me - some of the time has gone towards creating.

Clearly, I am not spending as much time as I might like on the ATC portion of this combo, but I had a blast last month making whimsical earrings at my best friend's house, and I have been creating some quick ATC holders for them and selling them as a set.

I have several other sets listed right now too, and more coming!

I also had fun a few weeks ago bottling up some inspiration. Here is one of my favorite altered bottles:

Who is she? Why, bottle-o-betty of course! I have other bottles listed, and more coming too.

Check 'em all out!

What do you all think of my new blog template? That old pink one was driving me nuts. We'll see how long I can stand the green!

Speaking of templates, The ZNE Store has some fun stuff going on too. We have started selling eBay auction templates! Fun, simple easy, and I'll personalize them for you.

In addition - June 11 marked The ZNE Store's ONE YEAR ANIVERSARY! In honor of the store's aniversary, we are having a ONE YEAR ~ TEN DOLLAR ~ ONE DOLLAR DEAL! Just buy ten dollars or more worth of goodies in The ZNE Store, and no matter your total, your combined shipping will be ONE DOLLAR! This counts for international orders too. Woo hoo! Just mention the ONE DOLLAR SHIP DEAL when requesting your combined invoice.

Hope you all are well! AND hope to check in again in less than a month's time!

xo - Chel


Blogger Izabella said...

ohhh, I adore the new look of your blog!

yes, I have been waiting & waiting for a new post :) happy to see you've been creating!! love the kitchen earrings!

3:08 PM  

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