mercoledì, maggio 10, 2006

5 Things, Sophie and Portals to Imagination!

It's ZNE Theme Week again! The kids weren't around last weekend, so this time it was just me listing. ZNEer extraordinaire Lani Kent was the winner of last month's theme week, so she chose this month's theme: Portals of Imagination.

Click on my artwork above to see the listing and check out what's behind those doors!

Things have been crazy hectic at home. WE GOT A NEW LITTLE DOGGIE! Keeping our wondermutt Butter company - we now have Sophie - the most adorable little silky terrier - and a real sweetie too! Here is a picture of her asleep in my office:

She is teensy tiny and fits in a hat box. Can you imagine! Sophie is a rescue pup. We got her from Pali, (Rocket Dog Rescue) a little over a week ago. Sophie was abandoned by her original owner, and the county animal shelter was going to put her down because she has terrible allergies! ????? I just can't fathom it...

Also the ZNE Learning Scholarship applications are in. We have 42 applications! I have a wonderful committee assembled helping to choose our recipients for this year. But it seems I will never be finished with scanning the applicant statements...

Ah well - worth the effort!

And... the fabulous Chrysti has tagged me - dabnabit! For cinque cose - ie: Five Things.

I guess the idea is, you provide five answers to five questions and in the last question ~ you tag five others to do the same.

Ok, let's see:

5 items in my fridge:

1. A1 Sauce ~ I eat it on my fries.
2. Diet Coke ~ Always
3. Mountain Dew ~ Which I never drink, but the DH does.
4. Non fat milk ~ which the DH and Stepdaughter drink by the gallon on a daily basis!
5. Turkey Franks ~ I have kids. Nuff said.

5 items in my closet:

1. Big Blue Fuzzy Slippers - which I wear so often their are holes in the soles.
2. A Fun Seed Bead Strand Belt - which I bought because Abigail said it was too cool for me!
3. Naughty things that I can't share here. ; )
4. My wedding dress from when I got married two years ago.
5. My wedding dress from when I got married 11 years ago. Sigh.

5 items in my purse:

1. Loose change.
2. Faded Receipts I don't need.
3. My favorite wallet of all time. (Black leather with red leather on the inside.)
4. A key to my best friend's house - the back door.
5. Aleve. (Migraines.)

5 items in my car:

1. Garbage
2. Crumbs
3. Matches
4. "Surfer Girl" sticker on the inner driver door armwrest.
5. My Wetsuit ~ in the trunk.

5 people I tag for 5 Things:

1. Cinda
2. Izabella
3. Zorana
4. Mossy
5. Robin

Get going girls!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

xoxo - Chel


Blogger Izabella said...

ohhhhh my first tag!!!! you bad girl you!!!

Love the pics of your new family member, what an absoulute doll!!!

xo ~Izabella

8:01 AM  
Blogger molly jean said...

I loved what you said about motherhood changing or softening you view of your mother. I think having teenagers can do this too. (Grace is good! Forgive, Mother, for thinking I could be a much better mom than you.)

10:21 PM  
Blogger molly jean said...

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10:22 PM  

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