mercoledì, aprile 05, 2006

Wings and Things!

It's the week of ZNE Theme week! And the theme is "wings." Once again, Abigail and I hunkered down over the weekend and had fun with scissors, glue, and stuff... Here's her fabulous flying entry (on the right):

She named this fairy "Melissa." I'm not sure why, but naming art can be like that. Abs cut the wings out of a blue vellum. She was quite pleased with herself. I think it is a pretty fun piece myself.

My art (at top) is named Winky Pinkaling (why, the fairy with one blue wing, of course)! I had fun with her too. Especially the polkadots. I think if I could get away with painting polkadots all over the walls, I'd do it!

This week seems to be flying by. I am busy, as always, shipping, listing, with Zine production, and I have a few newsletters and web pages to work on. Alas, all in a days work.

Oh! Time for another ZNE Store Fun Find. I'll say! Here it is:

The ZNE Store has lots of these fabulous genuine vintage pharmaceutical labels. We have lots of different colors, styles, and "meds". Check 'em out. And if you purchase one and mention "ZNE Fun Find" when asking for an invoice - you'll receive 10% off your entire order. That's right, even the non-fun find items - so long as they are part of the same invoice!

Here's to hoping that all of you take heed when you see the word "POISON." And, that your art takes you places where you sprout creative wings of your own!

xo - Chel