martedì, marzo 21, 2006

The Numbers Game!

Oooh! It is Art Squared theme week, and the theme is NUMBERS. So, I pulled out the vintage bingo cards again. They are so fun to use as a background. And, I took a drive to the local antique store and found this fun kewpie doll collage sheet. I had to have it. I love kewpie dolls. They are SO cute. And so mischevious looking too. Kind of like my kids. And my dog. And my hubby... hmmm....?

Art squared is a size limited art piece. It is (generally) a flat piece, and the base is (generally) an exact square in size. The group started with a 4"x4" requirement - as this is also the size of most "chunky" or "fat books," and they make trading card sleeves for this size, too. However - the specification for eBay purposes has expanded to include any squared piece of art up to 14" on all sides. Gary is just over 5" square. The bingo card is not an exact square, so I added the yellow ribbon embellishment on each side to compensate.

Art Squared is a public group on eBay and separate from ZNE. The group has 400 members right now. Several months ago, when the call went out for moderation help in the group, I was happy to step up. My main contribution to the group is to coordinate the theme weeks. Which really just consists of sending out a bunch of emails and posting reminders. It is nice to have an excuse to force myself to create art once a month though! I am so glad that the fabulous Emma Fashokun coordinates the ZNE theme week each month. She does such a good job, I was inpired to be brave and take on the job for Art Squared. So, Emma's good deed for ZNE is reverberating!

Speaking of Emma, she is also a moderator for ZNE. I am SO lucky to be blessed with such incredible artist/friend/mods for ZNE. And Emma is no exception. She just recently debuted her own website ~ check it out!

Isn't that awesome!

Well, before I log off, I'll throw out another ZNE Store Fun Find~!

At that same antique store where I found the Kewpie Doll Collage sheet, I also found these fabulous teensy tiny vintage brass floral buttons. I think these are just ADORABLE! They have a tiny loop finding in the back.

I am offering them up in singles at a great starting bid. And remember, if you purchase one and mention ZNE FUN FIND in your request for an invoice, I'll take 10% off your entire combined order! Or, just the button, if that is all you want...

Have a great week everyone!

xo - Chel