venerdì, marzo 10, 2006

A New Fun Find!

Not much going on today. I am still playing catch up with shipments and YIKES house and office cleaning.

On March 16, I am going to start a ten day spree of listing at least 30 new items a day in The ZNE Store, so I am allowing myself a break from listing until then. I only have a few new things up. Though - the new Altered Arts Magazine is there. So, if you are looking for it - take a peek!

I like this piece of art here. I had it made into into a tile, and keep it on my desk - while the original hangs on my studio wall behind me. That was the first Cercles D'Ame piece I created. That project is on hold right now because we are having trouble getting contributors (not all, just some) to follow through with moving art on, and it gets pretty frustrating when your art is in "limbo." However, this piece was worked on and completed by myself, Julie O'Neil, Kathy Selvaggio, and Shin Young. What I like best about it is that the fairy looks so relaxed, like she is floating on a pool float, except, mid air. Ah, a mid air pool float... if I could climb aboard - I certainly would!

Oh! And I have a new ZNE Fun Find for you today!

Check out this cool vintage Mexican Milagro. I have tons of them in The ZNE Store. I have men, women, cows, even a set of eyes. I had a pair of legs but they've been picked up already!

Milagro is the Spanish word for "Miracle." These little metal charms are used in Latin American countries as "offerings" to the Saints in church, to request special favors. They are really neat and very unusual, and could be used for a variety of art projects. And, though not quite a miracle, if you buy one from The ZNE Store and mention ZNE FUN FIND in your request for an invoice following purchase/s - you will receive 10% off your entire order!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day, and that you all are Enjoying Creating!

xoxo - Chel


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Yes, I agree. It's a great picese of art! :-)

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