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Gone to the Dogs...!

Oh, I do love puppies! SO so much. I've often said that i believe that dogs are just fuzzy little bundles of love. Anyone who has owned and loved a dog knows what I mean. Such forgiving, incredibly loyal and loving creatures. Their warm bodies and doggie breath. Not too mention kisses galore. Dogs are just the best!

Funny, I had to search for a piece of art I created that had a dog in it. Perhaps if they wore corsets or dressed like pin up girls, I'd have a few more!

This ATC, I created over a year ago. "Tea for Two" I called it. I did a big series of ATCs, where I started out by using different colors of acrylic paint to paint the playing card background. If you check out my entry on February 21, you can see another one of these. I love the way the card number and suit sort of peeks through from behind... I think that effect is cool.

ANYWAY, this week has just been tiring and sort of tough.

For one thing, I keep misplacing things. Where's my tape gun? Where's the ruler? AND, worse yet, I am misplacing product. SOLD product. Yikes! The ZNE Store deals in volume purchases of teeny tiny things, and I have a pretty good system down for organizing things. All the charms and jewelry are in one big box, seperated in bags by "sort" - shoes, letters, hearts and stars, animals... etc. And the vintage labels are in another box, seperated by label type. Soda, liquor, food, perfume, cigar, etc.. etc... and then I have great big boxes of toys, etc. Still, somehow - a label has been misplaced here, a charm there. And of course, I only notice when I am trying to fill an order. Yikes.

Next, the post office has been driving me crazy. I love my postman, and goodness knows he deals with a lot, schlepping boxes and envelopes up to my front door in the rain, every day, only to receive more than a handful back in return. But I keep getting packages BACK in the mail! This one had a stamp "taped over" - that one had a digit transposed on the zip code. WHY it takes the post office three weeks to figure out they aren't going to deliver something, is beyond me.

As if that weren't enough, today I got my first really negative response to the Zine. The buyer said: "I'm shocked! I expected so much more. I really feel ripped off." - among other things. Picture big pouty face, here. All of the feedback on the 60+ copies I have sent out has been positive so far. So, you know - this is one person. And, of course, I know, I can't expect everyone to like it. The thing is, in creating this Zine, I was down on my hands and knees gluing things and tying things and I coil bound each one by hand... and... well it is sort of like working hard to throw a party and having one of the attendees say: "Your party s*cks." Waaaaah!

Ah well, I issued her a full refund, plus additional money for postage, to please return the Zine to me. Now, I just need to take my own advice:

(That says: "GET OVER IT!")

Alright then. Picking up this pouty lip, and moving on.

Back to the important things in life ~ Doggies!!! A few days ago while perusing my wonderful friend Bella's blog ~ I noticed that she posted about the efforts of a fellow artist, who has made it a life mission to protect and save doggies who would otherwise be euthanized at shelters.

Bernie Berlin creates art that is truly drool worthy - or - in dog talk - worth a great big lick, I tell ya! Her stuff is just amazing.

But even more amazing, her efforts to create an animal rescue sanctuary are astounding. A Place to Bark promises to be (and already is) a loving, safe, haven for unwanted and abandoned doggies who are truly in need.

In honor of my own Butter Butt, ZNE made a $20.00 donation to help her in her efforts. It is not much, but having worked for non-profits all my life, I know - every little bit helps. If you can find it in your heart to help out somehow - I know that Bernie and all those incredible doggies will thank you for it.

So, sigh. It is good again, to remember the important things in life - eh! And along those lines, I'll end on this note:

xoxo - Chel


Blogger Violetswalk said...

Chel, I'm sorry that one cranky person did not like your Zine! Do That witch makes you happy and that is what should truely matter!!!!
Kelly Feraro

5:58 PM  
Blogger Violetswalk said...

OOOPS! Just realized that I spelled which wrong! So sorry! Note to self - Preview!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Chel said...

Thanks Kelly!

I agree. I've been humming Ricky Nelson under my breath and I'm moving on!

xo - CHel

6:26 PM  

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