domenica, marzo 05, 2006

Crowning Glory!

Today is the first Sunday of the month, so that means it is ZNE Theme Week! Last month the incredible Izabella won, so she got to pick this month's theme, and she came up with a doozer!


Last night the kids and I bunked out in the living room, until the wee hours (actually, Richard was there too, but he was asleep. Tee-Hee!) watching the Bethovan movies on t.v., and creating art! We do this every now and again. My niece Izabelle has joined us in creating theme week art, in the past, too. Those artists out there who have kids, know how absolutely wonderful it is to sit down and create art together. It is almost as good as snuggling! (Almost...)

I got this incredible lot of used bingo cards, thanks to fabulous scouting work of my friend sandee. So, I created Sabine, the Imperfect Queen with one of these bingo cards as a background. Sabine is an online group leader, and just recently she said some things she didn't mean to say, and now she regrets it. Worse yet, no one will let up on her. It's as if people have forgotten that she's human. So many people have forgotten, in fact - if you look closely you can see that she actually turned into a vintage manequin!

And here's the piece that Abigail made: She was clipping and cuttin' from magazines and had a lot of fun with the glitter glue and rhinestones. I have these tiny acrylic tear drop shaped rhinestones, and I love them. More recently - I bought a batch of absolutely gorgeous tear drop shaped vintage glass rhinestones. Those will go in The ZNE Store soon - so keep your eyes posted.

And, RJ created this guy on the left - M.C. Crown Rapper! How cool is he? He even has yellow butterfly fiver embellishing his crown!

The thing that I like about RJ's piece is the little water stain that appeared just below this guy's left eye. As you can see, RJ used his teardrop shapped rhinestones as crown embellishments, but still, a little tear appeared.

Hmmm... we all had a great time creating these. I don't know why they are all crying! Hard life, being altered and such... Ha!

The kids and I ended up pulling our comforters out and falling asleep in the living room, among all the scrips and scraps - we had a collage making slumber party! Sure, we woke up with glitter and glue in our hair, but in our family - truth be told - that's a badge of honor. If I do say so myself!

Hope you all have glitter and glue in your hair, if not today, sometime soon.

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xoxo - Chel