venerdì, marzo 17, 2006

Are You Wearing Green?!

The Fuzzy Bough Beetle Fruit Trees!

This is one of 39 (!) 4"x4" pages I made for the Altered Art Obsession Tree of Life chunky book. I sent them off in the mail to the swap host, my dear friend and sister in spirit, Julie O'Neil (she's the ZNE Technical Director as well!) a day late, as usual for me... Actually, I only sent her 37, so I am listing two of them under my Chel*Art*Originals id on eBay. This one, which has a cream colored background, and this one, which is moss green:

Happy Saint Patty's Day and TGIF!

Oooh! Check out my wonderful friend Kris's MySpace site. She just started it a few days ago. Isn't that cool? Kris Hubick is a moderator for the ZNE Fondante group, and she is another one of my sisters in spirit. She's a gem! (Aren't I lucky to have such a fabulous extended family!)

Oh, and I should definitely mention that Claudine Hellmuth's live chat at ZNE was just wonderful! She is so very gracious and friendly, and was game for answering all of our questions. We found out some very important artsy fartsy stuff, for example, she is both a dog and cat person ~ ! ~ and we even got to see pictures of her art studio, up close and personal. This was my favorite quote of hers, from the chat:!

"My Art Studio Has No Doors..."

So, spend some time this weekend opening your heart and your creativity. Remember that no matter where you are - an art studio is bound to be at hand - so, here's to hoping that your art studio has no doors, either!!

xo - Chel