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Well, I am tired and cranky and behind in shipping and Zine production... SO - sounds like it is time for something fun!


"What's that" you say? Well, if you look back a few posts - you'll find the first Fun Find, but no explanation of just exactly HOW FUN they can be. Here's the full deal:

Visit my blog and every now and again (with emphasis on the again and again and again) I'll add new FUN FINDS.

When you indulge yourself in a shopping spree at The ZNE Store - and you purchase an item that qualifies as a FUN FIND - then, you will get 10% of your product total for that shopping spree. That's right - off the entire shopping spree - so long as one of your purchases is a FUN FIND! In many cases, you can pay for your fun find ++ outright, by participating.

Here is the important part: YOU MUST INDICATE "FUN FIND" on your request for a combined invoice! You must you must you must! FUN FIND!

And, I'll then deduct the 10% from your combined item total, for that invoice.

Other FUN stuff about the FUN FIND: No dates, deadlines, or other details. So long as there are still FUN FINDS for sale, purchase one or more and your entire product subtotal will be 10% off. WOWEE! How fun is THAT?

OK, so now that we have the fun details, let's refresh. As per my first FUN FIND post, a few days ago - if you buy any of the items in this category (click to see!) and indicate FUN FIND on your request for a combined invoice - then you will receive 10% off!

AND, without further adieu - I'll add another FUN FIND - here it is!:

Just think of the assemblage art and art doll fun you can have with these!

Some say spool, but I see manequin forms, doll bodies, stools, tables, big funky beads... and more!

What do you see? Make your visions come to life by getting yourself a pair of these funky fresh brightly colored wooden spools. I am offering them in multiple colors and will be offering more soon! Best yet - they are an official ZNE FUN FIND!

Click HERE to see more!

Wow! I feel less cranky already. Hope you all have a funtabulous day!

xoxo - Chel


Blogger Izabella said...

Chel!!! I love your blog...this will be a great way to keep up with all that you are doing these days! Learned alot more about you that I never knew! xoxo Izabella~

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