martedì, febbraio 21, 2006

Good Morning!
Oh what a busy day today. I'll be on the computer pretty much all day long, which is why I decided to post Web Mistress. I made that ATC just about a year ago. It's one of my favorites.
Today's a "ship" day which means I'll be mailing out goodies and Zines and store orders. Plus I have SO many goodies to add to The ZNE Store - so I'll be listing and scanning like a mad woman. I was talking to my dear friend JoAnnA about this on the phone the other day - but I just LOVE the stock in the store. It is quite literally stuff that I myself would pick up, pick out, and choose to have on hand for my own art making exploits. Not to mention all the delicious artwork that I need to list. (Not my own, mind you - but I have a treasure trove of goodies to be listed by artists such as Lani Kent, Izabella, Bruce Miller, Tiffany Marshall, Val Lasure, and more!!!
Here is my fun find for the day:

Aren't these CUTE! I got a whole big lot of these little plastic charms. I have toucans, monkeys and butterflies too! They come in all kinds of fun colors and I am selling them in pairs. Ok, here's the kicker - I got them from someone who was selling them as BIRD TOYS! That's right, if you add them to your art or a charm bracelet - watch out for those pidgeons! They may just land on you to have a playdate! Actually I found a whole bunch of cool things meant for bird toys that I picked up for altered art play things. I'll be listing drilled dice bits, colored wooden spools, and more little charming beads soon - too! Hmmm... I suppose next time someone calls me "bird brained" I won't be able to argue with them, now will I? !

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!

xoxo - Chel


Thanks to Krissy Chadwick for mentioning The ZNE Zine in her own blog. She is a contributing artist to this issue, and her contribution was much appreciated:

ATC By Kristin Chadwick

And... Big big hugs going out to Stacie Rife. An incredible artist and very sweet woman. I was SO sad to learn that her beloved doggie, Bailey - passed away this past week. Many good wishes to you Stacie, hon. I hugged my Butter boy extra close last night, painfully reminded of how lucky we are to have the time we do - with our fabulous furry family members.

ATC By Stacie Rife