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Coloring Outside the Lines!

This is a picture I drew / collage I made, for my mom - when I was 11 years old. Tee-Hee!

Oh! This is so fun!

Writing writing writing … that click click click… I LOVE IT.

My mother was a writer. Click click click. Mama mama mama.

Three things bring me back to her, sitting in her lap, looking up at her through smokey misty lovely wonderful child’s mama-I-love-you eyes. Consistently, always there – and I surround myself with all three of them, often, sometimes it’s a good thing… sometimes, perhaps not.

Menthol smoke.


And the clickety clack clickety clack of writing typing writing typing.


El Collie Kress, 11/4/47 ~ 4/17/02

Here is a poem she wrote, 7 years ago:


"Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)" -- Walt Whitman

We want things in halves, easy to comprehend, but it's not that simple when everything contains its own opposite.

It's taken me a lifetime to discern an iota of my confounding complexity. No wonder I've been misunderstood from whatever sundry corners of the Universe took notice of me.

How can I blame them for being blind? I who was witnessing myself most closely of all barely knew who I was. It takes eons to circle from the circumference to the center.

The further in we get, the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint exactly where we are on the spiral of countless revolutions and revelations.

No matter how far we go,the journey's end remains elusive... It takes many, many turns around before we come to realize that incompletion is an integral part of the Complete.

* * *

I was checking out my wonderful friend Cinda’s blog yesterday and in a roundabout way I ended up on this fabulous Mama Says OM site! Their theme this past week was "20 Things."

So, I’ll go ahead and list my own 20 things. Who knew?

1. I wear pajamas, all day long.

2. My belly button is pierced.

3. So is my nose.

4. I have 4 tattoos. But you can only see three – because one is a “cover up.”

5. I love buffalo, cherries, spiders, art dolls, polka dots, and miniature chairs. Among other things.

6. My best friends-siblings-mustabeen-seperated-at-birth peoples are Jenna and Marc.

7. I’ve gone sky diving.

8. I’ve performed stand up comedy, in front of a live audience. Twice.

9. I don’t like San Francisco.

10. I love the San Francisco Bay Area more than any other place in the world.

11. I once dated a man with blue hair.

12. My son rocks my world. My step-daughter is a star in my sky!

13. I am constantly surprised at how snarky and cruel people can be when they are relating to each other via online forums.

14. I can not believe the number of incredible friends and loving giving people that have come into my life, through online forums.

15. My primary fear, when I was child – was of spiders. I was more afraid of spiders than any other thing in the world, and had more screaming hysterical fits over spiderly visits - than over any other thing.

16. I am not afraid of spiders, anymore. I once read that spiders were like artists. They pulled from what was inside of them, and created something sturdy, beautiful, their art which became their home, all around them. Nothing like affinity to soften your heart…

17. I don’t like to talk too much about my faith – because my calling has never been to preach. I do however believe in God, Creator of all. The One. I also believe that God can and does have many other names, most importantly LOVE and COMPASSION, and that ONE can only be completely expressed in a multiplicity of ways – a multiplicity that may appear separate ~ but if you get caught up in separation, between yourself and another, your ideas and someone else’s, your choices and someone else’s right to make their own (choices), or – assume that any worldly way or belief is the only way – then you are missing out on something very important. Love is the only way. That’s what I believe.

18. I like to color outside the lines.

19. I find that cleaning my ears with a q-tip is nearly orgasmic.

20. I believe in ghosts but not ghouls.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

xoxo - Chel


Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

What BRAND are those Q-tips dearie???LOL The last time I used a Q-tip I dug too deep and my ear was sore for 2 days until I used wonderful Olive oil in it!!! Seeeee, I LOVE olive oil and I still LOVE that JoannaBanana"Queen Olives" Collage!!! you had sent to me from YOU!!! I bet you had forgotten about that! You are a gift yourself and I think your ART HAS JOY in it!!!and I would have LOVED to meet your mama, she seems bigger than life itself, I LOVE that picture of her, sooooo pchychadellic, how do you spell that???? You look like her and I wish I had been in the audience when you did stand up comedy!!! Phew!!! What a riot we would be together!!! LOL and you have sky dived, I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!!! I have para-sailed but that's nothing compared to sky diving! Hey! When can we go on the AMAZING RACE together??? LOL This is a long comment so I will shut-up NOW! xoxooooox,love to love you girly! Cinda ps. Sweet Dreams!

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